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Take a dashing hero with a heart of gold and a mullet of awesome. Add a heroine with a bustle and the will to kick major butt. Then include enough contrivances to keep them fighting while getting them alone and possibly without key pieces of clothing, and what do you have? A romance novel. What else? Enough lessons about life, love, and everything in between to help you with your own happily-ever-after.

Lessons like…

Romance means believing you are worthy of a happy ending

Learning to tell the prince from the frog

Real-life romance is still alive and kicking

No matter how bad it is, at least you haven’t been kidnapped by a Scottish duke (probably)

Straight from the heart of influential romance blogger Sarah Wendell, this inventive gift book provides the best wisdom about love that the romance genre has to offer. Laced with signature witty commentary and peppered with thoughts from bestselling romance authors (Nora Roberts, Jennifer Crusie, Debbie Macomber, Eloisa James, Robyn Carr, and lots more) and avid readers, these pages will reveal what every romance reader already knows: while romances are certainly steamy, they have more to offer than just a sexy hero. In fact, they might have more to say about love than we give them credit for

My Review:

I started reading Sarah’s blog, Smart Bitches Trashy Books, and following her on Twitter about a year ago. When I was given the opportunity to read her book, I jumped at it. Just like on her blog, this book is full of her tongue-in-cheek humor.

This book is a celebration of the romance genre, the readers, and the authors. It also makes many valid points for those nay-sayers out there who are convinced romance novels give women an unrealistic view of love. While reading this book, I found myself nodding at many of the quotes. Even though I knew deep down the points that Sarah made, I also was surprised by them. They were things I never thought about. For example, on page 92 Sarah states “But romance, on the other hand, offer safe spaces of sexual exploration and, to be honest, research on what it means to be intimate.” I realized how much romance novels have played and continue to play an important role in helping me and my husband with our relationship and intimacy (and not just the sexual kind).

My copy of this book has many dog ears marking quotes and paragraphs I loved. Sarah uses readers and authors to illustrate the points she is trying to make. This book is funny and thoughtful. I will be recommending this amazing read to friends and family.

Oh, and check out the What Romance Genre Are You Chart. I am divided between two genres!

I give Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels a 5 Horseshoe rating!!

Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. Also from Barnes And Noble in Print and Nook editions.

Publication Details:

Author Sarah Wendell
Title Everything I Know About Love I Learned From Romance Novels
Format Print
Length 194
Publication Date October 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-5449-9

In My Mailbox #1

I’m not usually one to share the books I’ve been sent to review, but over the past few weeks my electronic and postal mailboxes have been over flowing with books for review in October and November! Some of these I’m extremely excited about, so I wanted to share with you!

First in my Electronic Mailbox….  I have received the second book by A ‘Jeeper’ Wade and Shiloh Walker’s 5th Grimm Circle book.  I also received The Worker Prince by Bryan Thomas Schmidt, but alas no cover image to share.

In my Postal Mailbox, I have received 8 books from Sourcebooks! Unfortunately, my cell phone camera doesn’t do these covers any justice. They are beautiful.