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If gossip is the lifeblood of a small town, then Lizzy Logan has been its beating heart. After being dumped by her fiancé for another woman, she could have decided to crawl under a rock. But no, she’d rather really set tongues wagging by “moving on” with one of the hottest cowboys in Texas, who happens to live next door at the Lucky Penny Ranch. Those busybodies don’t have to know it’s actually all pretend. And just because Lizzy has no aim to tame her wild, blue-eyed neighbor doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy the ride of her life.

Toby Dawson never was and never will be the settling-down type. But what harm could there be in agreeing to be Lizzy’s pretend boyfriend? They’ll put on a show for a few weeks and be done. Yet the more he gets to know Lizzy-really know her-the harder it is for him to keep his hands off of her in private. Soon this rough-and-ready cowboy is hoping to heal Lizzy’s bruised heart and turn their fake affair into a true romance . . .

My Review:

Hot Cowboy Nights is the second book in Carolyn Brown’s Lucky Penny Ranch Series. So far, of this series, this is my favorite. I loved watching Lizzy rediscover her true self and realize how much of a controlling, emotionally abusive man her ex-fiancé actually was.

I’ve always loved stories with a heroine who knew her worth and was confident in herself and her skills, whatever they might be. Over the past few years, I’ve discovered that I also enjoy stories of heroines who either learn how strong they actually are or rediscover that side of herself, especially if that realization and change is helped by a man who values those traits.

I found myself yelling at Toby. One reason he didn’t want to settle down was because he wanted to always be able to flirt when he was out at the Honky Tonk. He just needed someone to take a 2×4 to the side of his head until he realized that he could still flirt at the Honky Tonk if he settled down. The only difference is that instead of flirting with any female in the bar, he would flirt with his other half.

Since I started reading and reviewing Carolyn’s books, there has been a definite improvement in the story telling. I’ve enjoyed the journey.

While I loved this book, I can’t quite give it 5 Horseshoes. There are some continuity issues in the story. I’m guessing that Lizzy named the kittens with Toby’s help instead of with her sister’s help. There is a conversation with Toby that starts with Lizzy saying she hadn’t named the kittens yet, but by the time they go to pick up Toby’s donkeys, she had. I’m surprised it hadn’t been caught during the final editing, but oh well.

I am really looking forward to the next book in the series, Merry Cowboy Christmas.

I give Hot Cowboy Nights a 4 Horseshoe rating.



Hot Cowboy Nights is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. It is also available from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook editions.



Publication Details:

Author Carolyn Brown
Title Hot Cowboy Nights
Format Ebook
Length 400 Pages
Publication Date May 31, 2016
Publisher Grand Central Publishing
ISBN 978-1-4555-3490-6

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Can a girl ever have too many cowboys?

No sooner does pint-sized spitfire Jill Cleary set foot on Fiddle Creek Ranch than she finds herself in the middle of a hundred-year-old feud. Quaid Brennan and Tyrell Gallagher are both tall, handsome, and rich…and both are courting Jill to within an inch of her life. She’s doing her best to give these feuding ranchers equal time—too bad it’s dark-eyed Sawyer O’Donnell who makes her blood boil and her hormones hum…

My Review:

Okay, Carolyn, my second favorite couple from your books is a three way tie! Trace and Gemma from Just a Cowboy and His Baby will always be my favorite but Lucas and Natalie from The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby , Finn and Callie from Cowboy Boots for Christmas, and Sawyer and Jill are in a very close second.

One of my favorite romance tropes is friends falling in love. While technically Sawyer and Jill are strangers who become friends almost from necessity, they do go from friends to a couple.

Like all of Carolyn’s heroines, Jill is smart, sassy, and isn’t afraid to kick ass. I love that being “dolled up” isn’t a priority. Like me, she is happiest in her Wranglers and boots. While very independent, Jill understands that being in a couple is about being partners and taking care of each other. It was a hard lesson to learn but she did. Sawyer needs a partner not a princess.

Jill came to Burnt Boot to help her two aunts out but quickly finds herself the center of attention in the the Brennan and Gallagher feud. One of her aunts, Gladys, has property that sits smack dab between the two feuding families, and has water rights that both families want. Bring on the hard core wooing and one up-man-ship. I’m sure Quaid and Tyrell are nice men but their courting skills need serious improvement. Hopefully they will find women, that they truly want, who will show these cowboys that money and land size doesn’t matter.

Sawyer is part of the O’Donnell clan that we met in the Spikes and Spurs series. He is the cousin of Finn and Gemma. This hard working cowboy comes to Burnt Boot originally to get away from his ex girlfriend, and to spy on his cousin Finn, but he ends up getting a foreman job on Gladys’ ranch. Because the feuding families want the ranch so bad, they each send a single lady after Sawyer so that Quaid and Tyrell have a shot at the heir of the property.

I was sad that we didn’t get to see Honey Brennan in this story. In Cowboy Boots for Christmas, Honey was sent after Finn. Her nemesis, Betsy Gallagher was in this story. I think the women in this feud spend more time fighting each other than actually wooing the cowboy they have been unleashed upon.

The feud between the Brennans and the Gallaghers crack me up. Probably because it is very easy for me to image a small town divided by one. Having grown up in a farming and ranching community that had one primary family, I’m sure that at some point in the history of the town there was a feud. But no feud will ever be as epic as the Brennan and Gallagher feud.

Sawyer and Jill make a great team. They truly complement each other well. Once they settle their minor dispute, they are a united front against the onslaught of wooing.

There were a few minor editing errors and the cover model doesn’t have the “soft black hair covering his bare chest”. (As Jill says: “… Little boys have bare chests. Men have hair. Hunky cowboys have just the right amount…”) Plus, I’m still baffled by the reasons the feuding families did a couple of things to Sawyer and Jill. However, this book deserves the rating I’m giving it.

The Trouble with Texas Cowboys is the second book in Carolyn Brown’s Burnt Boot series.

I give The Trouble with Texas Cowboys a 5 Horseshoe rating.

Publication Details:

Author Carolyn Brown
Title The Trouble with Texas Cowboys
Format Print
Length 332 pages
Publication Date January 6, 2015
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-9608-6

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Tis the season for…
A pistol-totin’ woman who’s no angel
A tough rancher who doesn’t believe in miracles
Love that warms the coldest nights

After a year in Kuwait, Lucas Allen can’t wait to get back to his ranch for Christmas and meet his gorgeous Internet pal in person.

When he pulls in, there’s Natalie Clark right in his front yard with a pink pistol in her hand and a dead coyote at her feet.

Lucas is unfazed. But wait…is that a BABY in her arms?

My Review:

Recipe for a great Christmas season romance:

  • Snow
  • Holiday Decorations
  • A Sexy Cowboy
  • A Gun Toting Sassy Cowgirl
  • An Adorable Baby

Shake until well mixed. Sprinkle in three ranchers who want to have babies around the ranch. Finally, enjoy the wonderful story that Carolyn Brown has written.

While Trace and Gemma from Just a Cowboy and His Baby are my favorite characters that Carolyn has written, Lucas and Natalie are not far behind. Actually I could easily see Natalie and Gemma being best friends (too bad it’s 300 miles between Savoy and Goodnight)!

Natalie is a handful. She is a woman who can handle ranch chores, raise a child alone, cook killer meals for the men on the ranch, and shoot better than most men. But she has been lonely since her best friend died in Kuwait. Luckily, Lucas was more than willing to fill those boots. After eleven months of chatting online, they are finally meeting. Lucas’s tour in Kuwait was done and he was coming home.

Natalie and Lucas thought they knew each other after all the hours they spent chatting online but they quickly learn that there are things you can only learn about a person when you are together. They learn to navigate through a meddling ex-girlfriend, Lucas’s male relatives, Natalie’s mother, and assistance from the ghost of Lucas’s grandmother to find love.

I loved this book. I’ve read bits and pieces multiple times since I finished it. This will be one that I will re-read regularly, not just during the holidays. I’m hoping that Carolyn will give us glimpses of these two in the other books of this series. Life for this couple will be filled with fireworks and love.

The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is the second book in Carolyn Brown’s Cowboys and Brides series.

I give The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby a 5 Horseshoe rating.

The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook.

Publication Details:

Author Carolyn Brown
Title The Cowboy’s Christmas Baby
Format Ebook
Length 346 pages
Publication Date September 24, 2013
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 9781402280498

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Roberta didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But the night that masked bandits raided her ranch, it was hard to tell friend from foe. She didn’t know Nate Dolan was only trying to help when she shot him in the leg. And when he offers to help her catch the culprits, she only feels guiltier. The absolute least she can do is nurse the rugged cowboy back to health…


Nate has been on the vengeance trail so long, he nearly forgot what a real home looked like. And Roberta is a mighty fine incentive to stay put for a while – even if she has a stubborn streak as wide as the great state of Texas. She might be convinced she’s healing the wound in his leg, but neither of them knows she’s also soothing the hurt in his heart.

My Review:

This was a fun, sweet, historical western romance. It has been a long time since I last read a Leigh Greenwood book. He still has the romantic touch that many readers expect.

This story is part of Mr. Greenwood’s Night Riders series. The Night Riders were a group of Confederate raiders, the original special ops. This story takes place in 1873, approximately 8 years after the Civil War, in South Texas where the Night Riders settled.

Mr. Greenwood has created two stubborn main characters whose banter was fun to read. The setting was amazingly authentic. You could almost believe you were able to visit that small town in the middle of nowhere Texas. He also created characters you would find in modern small towns. The realism he brings to the story shows how much research he put in to this story.

The suspense of who killed Roberta’s father lead to an interesting and fast paced story. Then you throw in the villain that Nate has been tracking since the end of the war, the one that Nate and the other Night Rider’s need revenge against. You have a story that parts of it will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat.

I did come across something that did bother me. At one point, while caring for Nate, Roberta makes him rice pudding. I was very surprised by the availability of rice in Texas in the late 1800s. After not being able to find anything about when rice was available in Texas, I asked Twitter. Someone pointed out that the Carolinas have had rice since almost the 1600s, possibly brought to the “New World” by Spanish Conquistadors. We hypothesized that after the Civil War, it was possible that those who fled the Carolinas for land out west might have taken rice seed stock with them. When I’m reading a book and something doesn’t seem right, it jerks me out of the story and then I start worrying about that one piece of information. When I get jerked out of the story, it diminishes the enjoyment of the book for me.

I give Heart of a Texan a 4 Horseshoe rating.

Heart of a Texan is available from Amazon Print and in Kindle editions.

Publication Details:

Author Leigh Greenwood
Title Heart of a Texan
Format Print
Length 353 Pages
Publication Date November 2012
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-6399-6

On June 1st, Linda Lael Miller will be visiting PonyTails to answer a few interview questions and provide an excerpt of Big Sky Country. Be sure to join us!

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The illegitimate son of a wealthy rancher, Sheriff Slade Barlow grew up in a trailer hitched to the Curly-Burly hair salon his mother runs. He was never acknowledged by his father…until now. Suddenly, Slade has inherited half of Whisper Creek Ranch, one of the most prosperous in Parable, Montana. That doesn’t sit well with his half brother, Hutch, who grew up with all the rights of a Carmody—including the affections of Joslyn Kirk, homecoming queen, rodeo queen, beauty queen, whom Slade has never forgotten.

But Joslyn is barely holding her head up these days as she works to pay back everyone her crooked stepfather cheated. With a town to protect, plus a rebellious teenage stepdaughter, Slade has his hands full. But someone has to convince Joslyn that she’s responsible only for her own actions—such as her effect on this lawman’s guarded heart.

My Review:

Linda Lael Miller has a definite formula that works for her. It starts with a stray pet or two, add a troubled teen or a single parent, and a sibling rivalry of some sort. Mix it all up and place it in a rural setting and you’ll have her Contemporary Westerns. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great formula, but I would like to see her branch out from it.

This book was an enjoyable read. The pacing was good and the characters believable. Ms. Miller as always does a wonderful job with bringing the rural towns she creates to life. Parable would be a place that I would love to live near. But just like Slade, I’d want my own ranch.

There are a few things that I would have liked Ms. Miller to have expanded on, but they in no way took away from the enjoyment of the story. My only real issue with the story is that the last 30 pages didn’t really flow. I felt that Ms. Miller realized she was almost to her word count, but the story wasn’t done and she forced the story to finish in those pages.

I give Big Sky Country a 4 Horseshoe rating.

Big Sky Country is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions.

Publication Details:

Author Linda Lael Miller
Title Big Sky Country
Format Print
Length 377 Pages
Publication Date May 29, 2012
Publisher HQN
ISBN 978-1-3737-7643-6

In December, Rosey from Rosey’s Reviews sent me a message asking if I wanted to contribute my Top Ten Favorite Books of 2011 after I participated in the half year Top Ten List.

It was a hard list to come up with. I strictly looked at the 16 books I had given a 5 Horseshoe rating and from those picked the books I have read more than once. I noticed that my Top Five have not changed from the first list, and like on that one the top three are easily interchangeable.

The images are linked to my review of the books. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

1. The Legend of Michael by Lisa Renee Jones

This book is number one because I have been recommending it like crazy to people! Lisa did an amazing job with her first book of her Zodius Series. (I think my mom has re-read it more than I have!)

The Legend Of Michael is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook Editions.

Publication Details:

Author: Lisa Renee Jones

Title: The Legend Of Michael

Number of Pages: 382

Publication Date: May 2011

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN: 978-1-4022-5156-6

2. The Iron Duke by Meljean Brook

This was my first Steampunk book and what a great introduction to the genre! This is the book I recommend to those who want to get in to this genre. Meljean did an amazing job with giving her readers a living, breathing Victorian era story that relies on automation. I have not had the chance to read the second book, but the novellas are just as enjoyable!

The Iron Duke is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook Editions.

Publication Details:

Author: Meljean Brook

Title: The Iron Duke

Format: eBook

Publication Date: October 5, 2010

Publisher: Berkley Trade

ISBN: 978-0-4252-3667-6

3. 12.21.12 by Killian McRae

This is an amazing debut book by Killian McRae. She did a masterful job of weaving a contemporary story that explored the history of Egypt and the paranoid suspicion of the Mayan Calendar. If you love Indian Jones, Stargate, and Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon, you will love this book!

12.21.12 is available from Amazon in Kindle edition and from Barnes and Noble in Nook Edition.

Publication Details:

Author: Killian McRae

Title: 12.21.12

Format: eBook

Publication Date: December 2010

Publisher: Omnific Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-9363-0554-4

4. Cowboy Fever by Joanne Kennedy

Cowboy Fever is Joanne Kennedy’s third contemporary western romance. The primary story is a rekindled relationship story between the two main characters (one of my favorite types of romance), but the underlying plot is an amazing social acceptance and education story. Joanne shows in this story that everyone, no matter their physical or mental disabilities, is capable of great things if given the chance and motivation.

Cowboy Fever is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook Editions.

Publication Details:

Author: Joanne Kennedy

Title: Cowboy Fever

Number of Pages: 393

Publication Date: April 1, 2011

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

ISBN: 978-1-402-25141-2

5. On The Edge by Ilona Andrews

I greatly enjoy Ilona Andrews’ writing. This husband and wife team writes fantastic Urban Fantasy books. They write deep characters that are fun to watch grow through their stories. I knew that this book was going to be good when it starts with Rose shooting her grandfather with a crossbow.

On The Edge is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook Editions.

Publication Details:

Author: Ilona Andrews

Title: On The Edge

Format: Ebook

Publication Date: September 29, 2009

Publisher: Penguin Group

ISBN: 978-0-4410-1780-5

6. Badlands by Seleste deLaney

Badlands is a Steampunk Novella that takes place in the United States after the civil war, but it is a different world than what our history shows. Seleste wrote beautiful deep characters, and left me very satisfied with the story. I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in this series.

Badlands is available from Amazon in Kindle edition and from Barnes and Noble in Nook Edition.

Publication Details:

Author: Seleste deLaney

Title: Badlands

Format: Ebook

Publication Date: February 28, 2011

Publisher: Carina Press

ISBN: 978-1-4268-9125-0

7. Savor The Danger by Lori Foster

Savor The Danger the third book in Lori’s Men Who Walk The Edge Of Honor series. I fell in love with Jackson after he had a night of passion with a woman he had been chasing for months and then couldn’t remember the night. While trying to protect her, he spends his time trying to convince her to do it again. Sometimes a desperate Alpha Male is fun to read.

Savor The Danger is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. Also from Barnes And Noble in Print and Nook editions.

Publication Details:

Author: Lori Foster

Title: Savor The Danger

Number of Pages: 411

Publication Date: June 28, 2011

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 978-0-3737-7582-8

8. Locked In Silence by Shiloh Walker

Locked In Silence is book of Shiloh’s Grimm Series. Out of the ones I’ve read so far (which isn’t the whole series, yet), this one really touched me. I won’t spoil who the lead is, but his story is a tear jerker.

Locked In Silence is available from Amazon in Kindle edition and from Barnes And Noble in Nook edition.
Publication Details:

Author: Shiloh Walker

Title: Locked In Silence

Format: eBook

Publication Date: September 20, 2011

Publisher: Samhain Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 978-1-6092-8528-9

9. Giving Up The Ghost by Melissa Ecker

With Giving Up The Ghost, Melissa gave every woman even more reason to hold tight on to their spouse. This is the story of a woman who loses her husband in a tragic accident and a year later believes he is visiting her. But things aren’t as they seem. Make sure you have a box of tissue next to you when you read this one!

Giving Up The Ghost is available from Amazon in Kindle and Print editions. Also from Barnes And Noble in Nook edition.

Publication Details:

Author: Melissa Ecker

Title: Giving Up The Ghost

Format: eBook

Publication Date: April 2011

Publisher: Turquoise Morning Press

ISBN: 978-1-9358-1781-9

10. Creed’s Honor by Linda Lael Miller

Creed’s Honor is the second book in Linda’s 2011 Creed Trilogy. This series is following the Creed’s of Colorado. Linda Lael Miller has given her readers a couple, everyone can relate to, who reminds us all that home is where love thrives and that love has a stronger pull than anything else in the world.

Creed’s Honor is available on from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. Also from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook editions

Publication Details:

Author: Linda Lael Miller

Title: Creed’s Honor

Number of Pages: 377

Publication Date: June 2011

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 978-0-3737-7580-4

There are many other books that deserve to be on a top ten list but these are my favorites of 2011. What are favorite books from 2012?

Sorry it has taken me a few days to get this posted. I know you all have been biting your nails in anticipation!!!

I used to choose the lucky winners of Joanne Kennedy’s Tall, Dark and Cowboy and Anita Clenney’s Embrace The Highland Warrior

The 2 winners of Tall, Dark and Cowboy are….

The 2 winners of Embrace The Highland Warrior are….

Ladies, I have sent your information to Sourcebooks Casablanca and they will send you the book you won!

Thank you to everyone who entered!

Joanne Kennedy is the author of three previous contemporary Western romances for Sourcebooks. She brings a wide variety of experience, ranging from chicken farming to horse training, to her sexy, spicy cowboy stories. She is a 2011 finalist in the prestigious Romance Writers of American RITA© Awards, for One Fine Cowboy. Joanne lives in Cheyenne, Wyoming, where she is working on her next book, Cowboy Crazy (June 2012). You can find visit her at her web site or her Facebook Fan Page.

PonyTails (PT): Tall, Dark, and Cowboy is your 4th Contemporary Western Romance to take place in Wyoming. How did you choose Wyoming for your setting?

Joanne Kennedy (JK): To me, Wyoming is the heart of the West. It’s the least populated state in the US, mostly because there’s so much wide-open, inhospitable land here. It’s tough to make a living off this land, so you have to be absolutely committed to the cowboy way of life to make it work. That’s why the symbol of our state is a cowboy on a bucking horse. You can’t get much more cowboy than that!

PT: Except for Jodi in Cowboy Fever, all of your heroines are City Girls who discover the joys of country living. Is that a dynamic that is close to your heart?

JK: The fish-out-of-water experience comes straight from my own life. I wasn’t a city girl, but I was a suburban one. The only crop my family grew was grass, but when I was in my twenties, I decided I wanted to be a farmer. The learning curve was pretty darn steep, and so many funny things happened along the way that I have material for lots and lots of books. Then I got interested in horses, and of course they’re an endless source of inspiration.

PT: Why do you write about cowboys, i.e. personalities, code of ethics, etc?

JK: I really admire the commitment and courage of modern-day ranchers. It’s not an easy life, and those who choose it have to survive a lot of hardship and take a lot of chances to live in a time-honored, traditional way. So being a cowboy is about commitment, passion, and traditional values. What more could you ask for in a man?

PT: Your second book published, One Fine Cowboy (which is my personal favorite), was a Romance Writers of America RITA Award Finalist this year. Has that affected your writing? If so, in a good way? Do you feel under pressure to produce another RITA Nominee?

JK: It was an amazing honor that I didn’t expect so early in my career. The nomination gave me a lot of confidence in my writing and made me more willing to trust my heart rather than thinking so much about the “rules” of romance. My books are a little different from other cowboy romances; I think my West is less idealized and a little grittier. I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. The RITA nomination told me it was good.

But the main reason I’d like to produce another RITA Nominee is because it would mean I was again creating a book that really spoke to readers.

PT: With the release of Cowboy Fever we learned about one of your favorite organizations to support, the Cheyenne Therapeutic Equestrian Center. Are there other organizations you support? If so, why those organizations?

JK: CTEC is such a great organization because it brings kids with disabilities together with rescued horses and everybody wins. I have a friend whose daughter has autism, and their journey has taught me so much about love and commitment and courage. I also admire the endless patience and dedication of the people I’ve met who work with kids with autism. It’s a surprisingly common disability and right now we’re learning so much about it—I support any organization that works toward a better understanding of people whose minds work differently. I think we can learn a lot from the way they perceive the world.

PT: Do you plan your stories or do you just put pen to paper and see what happens?

JK: I work with a very loose outline that tells me what problems the hero and heroine have to overcome, the major turning points along the way, and the resolution. Other than that I just set the characters loose and let them live their story. Sometimes they surprise me, and the outline often changes quite a bit along the way.

PT: What are your go to resources when you write? Favorite books, websites, technology, etc?

JK: My favorite resource is other writers. I read romances and other books voraciously. I like to know what’s out there so I can do something different, and I’m inspired when I find a book that really works. I’ve learned so much from writers like Nora Roberts, Linda Lael Miller, Jodi Thomas, and so many others. I also have wonderful writing friends. We meet for coffee or lunch and talk writing – it always revitalizes me.
Another great resource is the customer reviews on bookstore websites like Barnes & Noble and Amazon. After I read a book, I think about what worked for me and check to see what other readers thought. I discover a lot of pet peeves and problems I otherwise might have stumbled into, and let me know what matters most to readers.

PT: If you were a writer entering the industry today, what is the most important advice you’d give yourself?

JK: Remember what really matters about your writing: you have stories to tell, and you want to connect with readers. Don’t worry about where you are in your career compared to other people. Don’t get caught up in sales numbers and bestseller lists; just keep writing the very best books you can, with characters readers can fall in love with and stories they can’t put down.

Thank you to Joanne for visiting PonyTails again! I love having you here! Also thank you to Sourcebooks Casablanca for sponsoring the giveaway!

Sourcebooks Casablanca has generously donated 2 copies of Tall, Dark, and Cowboy for a giveaway. This giveaway is open to US and Canada residents only. Please fill out the form at the end of the post. I will close the sign up on Friday November 25, 2011 at 11:59pm EDT. I will use to select the winner and will announce the winner here on Monday November 28!

About Tall, Dark and Cowboy:

She’s looking for an old friend…

In the wake of a nasty divorce, Lacey Bradford heads for Wyoming where she’s sure her old friend will take her in. But her high school pal Chase Caldwell is no longer the gangly boy who would follow her anywhere. For one thing, he’s now incredibly buff and handsome, but that’s not all that’s changed…

What she finds is one hot cowboy…

Chase has been through tough times and is less than thrilled to see the girl who once broke his heart. But try as he might to resist her, while Lacey’s putting her life back together, he’s finding new ways to be part of it.

If you click the book image it will take you to my review of Tall, Dark and Cowboy.

Tall, Dark and Cowboy is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. Also from Barnes and Noble in Print.

UPDATE 11/25/2011: Since there are only 2 entries, I am extending the giveaway until December 2nd!

From The Back Of The Book:

She thought she had it all…

A modeling contract with Wrangler got this Miss Rodeo America a first-class ticket out of town, but somewhere along the way Jodi Brand lost her soul. When she gets back to her hometown, her childhood friend Teague Treadwell’s rugged cowboy charm hits her like a ton of bricks…

He believed he wasn’t good enough…

Teague is convinced Jodi’s success lifted her out of his reach. Now he’s got to shed his bad boy miage to be worthy of the girl next door…

But whoever heard of a beauty queen settling for a down and dirty cowboy…

My Review:

Once again, Joanne has delivered a wonderful, heart warming cowboy romance. Her writing keeps getting stronger with each book she writes. She does an amazing job of giving her readers strong, approachable, memorable characters. They are people that one would love to meet and become friends with. If she keeps this up, she will soon be giving Linda Lael Miller a run for her money.

Joanne’s descriptions of Wyoming make me homesick for the west. I miss the open plains with the blowing tumbleweeds. But I don’t miss the gossip chain and gossip mongers like Darla Black. I loved Joanne’s description of Darla: “It was like having Gypsy Rose Lee, Hello Dolly, and Auntie Mame all rolled into one convenient pharmacist.” I nearly died laughing at that, mostly because it reminded me of one of the older ladies in my hometown.

I love the rekindled friendship and attempt at a relationship vibe this book had. I’m a sucker for those stores (probably why my WIP is about a similar topic). I love seeing people who are best friends and very compatible discover that they do love each other and are compatible in a sexual sense as well. And boy are Jodi and Teague compatible!!!

I literally squealed with delight when Nate from One Fine Cowboy made an appearance in this book. I also was excited that Lackaduck, the town from Cowboy Trouble was also mentioned. I’m hoping that in future books Joanne will give us a glimpse of what is happening with Nate and Charlie and Luke and Libby.

However, my favorite part of this story was how Joanne showed that everyone with disabilities deserve a chance. Troy, Teague’s older brother, has Down syndrome but he wants some independence. He is tired of being so reliant on his brother. Jodi helped with that by giving Troy a job helping with her Therapy Clinic. Through the Therapy Clinic, Jodi also helped many other children discover a freedom they do not have in their normal lives. It may have been something as simple as time out of a wheelchair or a break from the overwhelming stimulus of life. I am very envious of Jodi’s ability to make the life a child, as well as an older retired horse’s life, better.

Joanne’s next book will be Tall Dark and Cowboy and is scheduled for release in November 2011.

I give Cowboy Fever a 5 Horseshoe rating!!!

Remember when you purchase your copy of Cowboy Fever through Barnes and Noble’s website, please use the code 10442713 at checkout. A portion of the sales of the book sold between today (April 2nd) and April 6th will go to the Cheyenne Therapeutic Equestrian Center!

Publication Details:


Joanne Kennedy

Cowboy Fever
Number of Pages 393
Publication Date April 1, 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-402-25141-2

From Publisher’s Website:

1876 Colorado is home to some wild characters. And Samantha Blair is one of them. After all, how many girls find themselves being raised by outlaws? But she’s happy…until U.S. Marshal Jared Evans comes to town. He’s got one thing on his mind—revenge. And unfortunately, it’s Sam’s adoptive father he’s after. 

Luckily, Samantha’s a crack shot. The good thing? She only hits Jared’s leg. The bad thing? He makes her insides quiver and melt like she never knew was possible….

Still, Jared’s out for her family’s blood. She has to stop him. And if it means keeping the good marshal on his back—and in her bed—well then, Sam will just have to do what needs to be done.

Even if she loses her heart in the process…

My Review:

The Lawman is a historical western taking place in my home state of Colorado. I mostly picked it up because of the story taking place in Colorado. When I chose books by that method or because of the picture on the book, I don’t have very high expectations. But I was pleasantly surprised by this book.

The story takes place in a mining town turned ghost town north west of Denver, Colorado and north east of Central City, Colorado. I grew up in Colorado and can easily picture the area that Patricia Potter was talking about. I enjoyed Patricia’s descriptions of the area and the people. Everyone from the three men that Samantha called her adopted fathers to the miners that still lived in the area, as well as the Samantha and Jared. Each character was well developed and well written. I could imagine these people actually living in 1870s Colorado. The character development of Jared was fascinating. Until one of the characters noticed that Jared was reading Les Misérables and compared Jared to Javert, did Jared realize that maybe his was a Marshall for all of the wrong reasons.

My only issue I had with this book was the description on the back of the book. It says “And if it means keeping the good marshal on his back—and in her bed—well then, Sam will just have to do what needs to be done”. It implies that Sam uses sex to change Jared’s mind and protect her family. That was never something that Sam did consciously or unconsciously. She was actually shocked when it did happen and worried about how to hide it from the other men in her life. Other than that small inconsistency, I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

I give The Lawman a 4 Horseshoe rating!!

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Patricia Potter

The Lawman
Number of Pages 217
Publication Date September 2010
Publisher Harlequin Blaze
ISBN 978-0-373-79569-7