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Roberta didn’t mean to hurt anyone. But the night that masked bandits raided her ranch, it was hard to tell friend from foe. She didn’t know Nate Dolan was only trying to help when she shot him in the leg. And when he offers to help her catch the culprits, she only feels guiltier. The absolute least she can do is nurse the rugged cowboy back to health…


Nate has been on the vengeance trail so long, he nearly forgot what a real home looked like. And Roberta is a mighty fine incentive to stay put for a while – even if she has a stubborn streak as wide as the great state of Texas. She might be convinced she’s healing the wound in his leg, but neither of them knows she’s also soothing the hurt in his heart.

My Review:

This was a fun, sweet, historical western romance. It has been a long time since I last read a Leigh Greenwood book. He still has the romantic touch that many readers expect.

This story is part of Mr. Greenwood’s Night Riders series. The Night Riders were a group of Confederate raiders, the original special ops. This story takes place in 1873, approximately 8 years after the Civil War, in South Texas where the Night Riders settled.

Mr. Greenwood has created two stubborn main characters whose banter was fun to read. The setting was amazingly authentic. You could almost believe you were able to visit that small town in the middle of nowhere Texas. He also created characters you would find in modern small towns. The realism he brings to the story shows how much research he put in to this story.

The suspense of who killed Roberta’s father lead to an interesting and fast paced story. Then you throw in the villain that Nate has been tracking since the end of the war, the one that Nate and the other Night Rider’s need revenge against. You have a story that parts of it will leave you sitting at the edge of your seat.

I did come across something that did bother me. At one point, while caring for Nate, Roberta makes him rice pudding. I was very surprised by the availability of rice in Texas in the late 1800s. After not being able to find anything about when rice was available in Texas, I asked Twitter. Someone pointed out that the Carolinas have had rice since almost the 1600s, possibly brought to the “New World” by Spanish Conquistadors. We hypothesized that after the Civil War, it was possible that those who fled the Carolinas for land out west might have taken rice seed stock with them. When I’m reading a book and something doesn’t seem right, it jerks me out of the story and then I start worrying about that one piece of information. When I get jerked out of the story, it diminishes the enjoyment of the book for me.

I give Heart of a Texan a 4 Horseshoe rating.

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Publication Details:

Author Leigh Greenwood
Title Heart of a Texan
Format Print
Length 353 Pages
Publication Date November 2012
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-6399-6