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He’ll do anything to save her…

Rebel Lord Drystan Hawkes dreams of fighting for England’s freedom from the endless evils of the Elven Lords. He gets his chance when he finds a clue to opening the magic portal to Elfhame, and he must race to find the slave girl who holds the key to the mystery. But even as Drystan rescues Camille Ashton from Dreamhame Palace, it becomes unclear exactly who is saving whom.

For the fate of humankind lies with Camille…

Enslaved for years in a realm where illusion and glamour reign, Camille has learned to trust nothing and no one. But she’s truly spellbound when she meets Drystan–a man different from any she’s ever known, and the force of their passion may yet be strong enough to banish the Elven Lords from this world forever.

My Review:

Evil elves have taken over England and fight over the King of England, just like in a game of chess. This story takes place during the 1700s and the elves have blocked England from the rest of world, including Wales and Scotland.

Ms. Kennedy did an excellent job of crafting a world run by insane evil elves. She has a talent for writing fantasy and keeping the reader wanting to read the story. Her romance writing skills are not as refined as her fantasy writing skills. I felt the romance was kind of forgotten in this book. This felt more like a fantasy novel with some romance than a romance novel set in a fantasy world. I would’ve liked to see more courting. With Camille being a victim of rape, I wanted to see more of the couple’s struggle with helping her overcome her fears.

I had one big issue with the end of the book and I need to include a spoiler to explain my dislike. If you would like to read that section please click here.

If you love fantasy novels, you will definitely enjoy this book. The world and characters are very vibrant. But if you are looking for a strong romance story, you will be disappointed. Even with that said, I have gone back multiple times to re-read sections because I enjoyed them so much the first time.

I give The Lord Of Illusion a 4 Horseshoe rating.

The Lord Of Illusion is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions.

On February 23, Ms. Kennedy wrote a guest post for PonyTails about her dragons and her dogs.

Publication Details:

Author Kathryne Kennedy
Title The Lord Of Illusion
Format Print
Length 425 Pages
Publication Date February 2012
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-3654-9