I really disliked how the book ended. At the end of the story, Camille is off in her own little world because of her connection with the magic of the evil elves. What brings her back to the present, five months later, is a visit from Drystan’s mother. Camille comes back to the present realizing that she can’t marry Drystan because of the curse put on her to prevent her having children. Unsure how to tell Drystan, she runs in the gardens away from everyone. Drystan finds her and she tells him of the curse. He then tells her that she is five months pregnant. Wouldn’t she have discovered a major change to her body before he told her? I would think that even though she was not in the present, she would have had some idea that she was pregnant. She wasn’t in a coma, and she did daily functions fine. That portion of the story seemed contrived and unrealistic to me.