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He’s One Hot Cowboy. . .

Raylen O’Donnell is one smokin’ cowboy. He could have any woman he wants, but he’s never been able to forget a certain dark-haired girl who disappeared from his life. So when she suddenly returns to the ranch next door, Raylen’s not fixing to let her get away again . . .

And She’s Out For a Sizzlin’ Christmas

Raised in a traveling carnival, Lizelle Hanson thought all she wanted was a house that didn’t have wheels and a sexy cowboy for her very own. But when settling down’s going to take some getting used to, and catching Raylen, the hotter-than-hell cowboy next door, might just take a little holiday magic. . .

My Review:

In Darn Good Cowboy Christmas, we meet up with youngest son of the O’Donnell family. We met the oldest, Rye in Love Drunk Cowboy. I think out of the O’Donnell boys, Raylen is my favorite. He is a hard worker on his parent’s horse farm and then turns around to help others.

Liz was a fun character, a carney turned Texas ranch owner. I found myself telling the voices in Liz’s head to shut up when they tried to convince her that she wasn’t meant to live a non gypsy life style. Her excitement for the holidays and for decorating, reminded me of my own love of decorating for the holidays (a love that has gotten side tracked in my own life).

Liz and Raylen complement each other very well. They had strong chemistry and a fun relationship. I enjoyed the banter they shared and their passion sizzled off the pages.

However, there was a scene that I felt wasn’t needed in the telling of the story. Unfortunately, I find this very commonly in Carolyn’s books. The scene added very little to the story. The main point of the scene was to give the history about a specific holiday decoration. The information provided could have been done in another way, via a note with item or during one of the many conversations Liz had with her uncle.

Also, I did find myself impatient for the story to wrap up toward the end. The couple declared their love for each other, the big family event happened, and there was still another 50 pages to go. I know that Carolyn wanted to get the story to Christmas day, but the main build up of the story was to the big carnival family Thanksgiving party. To be a true Christmas story, the time line of the novel needed to be adjusted closer to Christmas so that is the important part of the book.

Overall, I enjoyed the characters and the story that was told. It was an enjoyable read.

I give Darn Good Cowboy Christmas a 4 Horseshoe rating!

Darn Good Cowboy Christmas is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions. Also from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook.

Publication Details:

Author Carolyn Brown
Title Darn Good Cowboy Christmas
Format Print
Length 379 Pages
Publication Date November 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-6157-2