From Back Of The Book:

Recently divorced, Anna Fox decides to cheer herself up by retracing a Nile cruise her great-great-grandmother, Louisa, made in the mid-nineteenth century. Anna carries with her two of Louisa’s possessions-an ancient Egyptian scent bottle and an illustrated diary of the original cruise, a diary that hasn’t been read in a hundred years.

As she follows in Louisa’s footsteps, Anna discovers in the diary a wonderful love story from the Victorian past-and the chilling, more distant secret of the little glass bottle. Meanwhile, two men on the cruise are developing an unfriendly rivalry for Anna’s attention and a disturbing interest in Louisa’s things. Most frightening of all, Anna finds herself the victim of a threat that grows in strength and darkness as the dramatic stories from three different eras intertwine along the mysterious waters of the Nile.

My Review:

It took me a bit to get in to this story but once I was hooked, I couldn’t put it down. This is a reissue of this book, which was originally published in 2001.

This story is written from two different point of views. Anna’s view taking the Nile cruise in 2000 and from Louisa’s point of view from doing the cruise in 1866. We see Louisa’s point of view when Anna is reading the journal Louisa penned while on the journey.

Louisa describes the Egyptian monuments as they looked during her time. While on her cruise in 1866, Louisa is given a small bottle as a gift. She soon discovers that it is cursed. When she returns to England, she hides the bottle in a secret compartment of her desk. Over a century later, the bottle is discovered and is given to Anna. Anna takes it with her to Egypt thinking “it had seemed only right to bring it to the land of its origins”. Anna quickly finds herself immersed in Egypt, the center of a rivalry between two men, and dealing with an ancient curse.

Ms. Erskine did of beautiful job of bringing Egypt to life for those who have never visited. She also masterfully weaved together the two different story lines. I never once felt disjointed or lost between the transitions of the two main stories.

This book is not a romance story. Romance between characters is not the main focus of the story. However there is a budding romance between a few of the characters. This is a Woman’s Literature book. It doesn’t have a happy ending. I personally found the ending abrupt and felt the story was unfinished. However the author has included an Afterthought at the end of the book talking about how hard it is to decide how to end a book. She says “… I like sometimes to leave the characters at a significant turning point in their lives. They have survived and they have won through thus far. The future however, for them and the reader, is still mystery. Thus it is with real life.” Even though I would have liked more of a conclusion to the story, I am able to accept the ending as it is.

I give Whispers In The Sand a 4 Horseshoe rating.

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Publication Details:

Author Barbara Erskine
Title Whispers In The Sand
Format Print
Length 468
Publication Date July 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Landmark
ISBN 978-1-4022-6175-6