Carolyn Brown is the author of 50 romance novels. Her first romance sold in 1997. This past July, she made the New York Times Best Sellers and the US Today Best Sellers list for the first time with Love Drunk Cowboy. She resides in Southern Oklahoma with her husband Charles. For more information, please visit

PonyTails (PT): Red’s Hot Cowboy is the second book in your Spikes & Spurs Series. What made you want to write about Henrietta, Texas and the people there?

Carolyn Brown (CB): Howdy, everyone! It’s a pure delight to be here today where everyone loves western romance!

I love writing about small towns. The first book in the series, Love Drunk Cowboy, was about Austin and Rye. One of Rye’s close friends is Wil Marshall and Pearl’s friend is Austin. When Pearl inherits the motel in Henrietta it’s only natural that she’s bound to run into Wil. However, she meets him much sooner than expected when he comes to her motel the night that the lights go out in Henrietta.

Small towns have a heart beat and a pulse all of their own. They say in a small town that everyone knows everyone and everyone knows what everyone has done; and they read the local paper to see who got caught.

PT: Your website shows that you have 50 published books with 8 coming soon. How have you found the time to write so many books in the past 14 years? And how do you keep your stories straight when you are writing more than one at a time?

CB: I am a fortunate enough that I can write full time so my daily work is writing! I have tunnel vision and I only work on one book at a time. Unless of course I have to stop and do edits or final read throughs. So I actually seldom work on two books at a time. However, I do keep my idea book handy (this is a small spiral notebook) where if an idea pops into my head I can record it right then. It’s amazing what can materialize out of a one sentence idea.

Once I got a whole trilogy out of an email conversation with one of my author friends. It all started when she sent me this cute little thing about what one friend would do for another. I wrote back and told her that one thing got left out…that I kept two shovels in the garage in case my friend ever needed to get rid of evidence. Her reply was that she could see me sitting on a porch with the sheriff on the way. So I wrote a historical trilogy, The Black Swan Series, from that conversation.

PT: Your website, also, says you have a very large family that comes home to visit on Sundays. Is your family your inspiration for the Sunday dinner with family scenes in your books?

CB: I’m sorry to say my kids now live too far for all of them to come for Sunday dinner but they do come for Easter and Thanksgiving. We have a big egg hunt in the back yard and everyone can hunt eggs no matter how old or young. My twenty two year old granddaughter still brings her little wooden Easter basket that Husband made her when she was two years old and hunts Easter eggs with the three year old granddaughter and all the ones in between. And yes, ma’am, the kids are an inspiration to me. If I need to know about an attitude or a mannerism, all I think about a grandkid in that age bracket.

PT: You write both Historical and Contemporary Romances. Is there a genre that you would love to try writing?

CB: Oh, yes, ma’am. I’m presently in the business of trying my hand at women’s fiction! I’m very excited about it and will stand on the roof top and shout when my first one sells.

PT: Why do you write about cowboys?

CB: Cowboys! Look at ‘em! Look at the cover of Red’s Hot Cowboy! Gotta love ‘em. They’re honest. They take care of their women. They listen to their women when they talk and they are just so damned sexy with those boots, tight jeans, muscles and even a little barbed wire tat around that big old bicep

PT: Do you plan your stories or do you just put pen to paper and see what happens?

CB: I’m a pen to paper writer. I tried that plotting and planning and putting all my characters in a box. Whew! That didn’t last long. Lord, they clawed their way out of the box and demanded I tell their stories like they really happened and that didn’t have a dang thing to do with plotting. When I figured that out we had a great time!

PT: What are your go to resources when you write? Favorite books, websites, technology, etc?

CB: Internet for things like: Were there fly swats in 1919? How to make watermelon wine from scratch? What’s the first step to make moonshine? How does one go about making lye soap? And how many shots of whiskey can a woman hold before she passes plumb out?

Other than that, I go to the place I’m writing about, take dozens of pictures and sketch if I can’t find a map, talk to the people in the area and then go home and hope I get it right. A few weeks ago I signed copies of Love Drunk Cowboy at the Watermelon Jubilee in Terral, Oklahoma and since then I’ve gotten several fan letters saying I nailed it. That’s about as good as it gets – well, other than that NYT and USA Today list day!

PT: Love Drunk Cowboy hit the New York Times Best Seller’s List and the US Today Best Seller List in July. How has that affected your writing? Do you feel under pressure to produce another Best Seller?

CB: I was so excited about that! Found out I’d made the lists while traveling so I was in a Nashville, Tennessee hotel and they probably thought a hippo had been set loose on the third floor when I started dancing around.

No, I don’t feel under pressure. I just let the stories unfold for me and tell them like they happen. I would do my hippo dance again if I got the news, dear hearts. It’s a big, big honor!
I don’t think it’s affected my writing at all. Maybe if I had about ten on the list, I would begin to feel pressured!

But right now I’m just having fun with my Spikes and Spurs cowboys and hoping that the women’s fiction sells (which by the way does have a hot cowboy in it, too)!

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About Red’s Hot Cowboy:


Wil Marshall is only looking for a place to stay after a winter storm knocks out the power at his ranch. The sexy cowboy never imagined he’d get entangled in a murder investigation – or that events will ignite irresistible passion between Wil and the motel’s fiery proprietress…


Pearl Richland never expected to find herself in a middle-of-nowhere Texas town as owner of her great-aunt Pearlita’s vintage motel. But in the midst of chaos, this spitfire is about to learn a thing or two about fate and love, the silent majority that always has the final say…

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