My Description:

Calgary Stampede Administrative Assistant, Stacey Hamilton has seen many different kinds of celebrities come through the gates of the Stampede. But this year is special. The Prince of England and his new wife are visiting. But their visit isn’t what has her tied in knots. The man she has been dating online for over two years is also coming to the Stampede. To meet her. What if he isn’t everything she has built him up to be?

Daniel Ryan was visiting the Stampede for two reasons. To convince his best friend and mentor, Marcus not to retire and to meet Stacey. He wanted to know if the feelings she stirred through email would be present when they were face to face. He also wanted to know if she loved him like loved her.

Can Daniel convince Stacey they are meant for each other, or will he leave the Stampede without his saucy filly?

My Review:

I was given a copy of this novella by the author. It was a very enjoyable story, but had a few minor issues that is not uncommon with self published stories. Those minor issues did not affect my overall enjoyment of the story and therefore does not affect the rating it will receive.

Anya has given her readers a different view of the Calgary Stampede. Most books about the Stampede is from the point of view of a rodeo competitor or a visitor to the rodeo. Not from the point of view of someone who works the administrative offices to put the Stampede together. I enjoyed that difference with this story. However I find it fascinating that someone would work one of the biggest cowboy events in North America and not like cowboys. That little tidbit about Stacey made me shake my head.

The characters of Stampede Fever are very enjoyable and I hope we get to see more of them in later novellas.

As is common with self published stories, there were some editing issues with the edition I received. At the author’s request, I did take the time to point those out to her. The ending of the story was very abrupt. Almost as if the author saw her word count and stopped because she was at the limit for a novella. On the novella this story comes in on the low end of the word count. I’ve seen novellas twice the length of this one. I would love to see her expand this story beyond where it ended. I want to see how Stacey’s friends react to Daniel, especially her roommate.

Like I said before, given those few issues, my enjoyment of the story wasn’t affected, even though I was left wanting more. I am confident in my rating of this story.

I give Stampede Fever a 4 Horseshoe rating.

Stampede Fever is available from Amazon in Kindle edition.

Publication Details:

Author Anya Winter
Title Stampede Fever
Format E – book
Length Novella
Publication Date July 2011
Publisher Self Published Through Amazon