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Undercover mercenary Trace Rivers loves the adrenaline rush of a well-planned mission. First he’ll earn the trust of corrupt businessman Murray Coburn, then gather the proof he needs to shut down the man’s dirty smuggling operation. It’s a perfect scheme—until Coburn’s long-lost daughter saunters in with her own deadly plan for revenge.

With a smile like an angel and fire in her eyes, Priscilla Patterson isn’t who she seems to be. But neither is the gorgeous bodyguard who ignites all her senses. Joining forces to plot Coburn’s downfall, Priss and Trace must fight the undeniable heat between them. For one wrong move, one lingering embrace, will expose them to the wrath of a merciless opponent…

My Review:

Trace is after one thing and one thing only. He wants to destroy every person ever involved with Human Trafficking. And his current target is Murray Coburn, but he isn’t the only one who wants to see Coburn destroyed. Priscilla Patterson wants the same thing, but for different reasons.

In the first book of this trilogy, the book starts with Dare saving Trace’s sister Alani from Tijuana, Mexico and Human Traffickers. But having rely on Dare to save is sister has chafed at Trace. To make it up to her, he has made it his mission to rid the world of that injustice.

Priscilla’s childhood was very sheltered. She was never allowed to attend public school, or participate in sports. All because her mother lived in fear of being captured again by Coburn. Now that her mother is gone, Priscilla wants revenge for the terror her mother lived with daily and her lost childhood. Despite her sheltered life, Priscilla is a fun, witty, and independent woman who yearns to experience life.

Lori Foster gives her readers characters that are full of depth and are easy to sympathize with. I liked how she would show two different sides of Trace, the cold hearted man that worked for Coburn and the man who is trying to protect others from people like Coburn. Priscilla also had two different sides during the story. For Coburn, she was innocent and naive. But away from that situation, she was cautious and confident. Lori did a good job balancing these dual personalities that the main characters were forced to maintain.

So far, I think this might be my favorite of the books in this series. The characters, both the good and bad ones, and the story was very well written. I quickly fell for Trace, especially when he tried everything to get Priscilla to abandon her need to see Coburn. His protective streak is amazing. All women hope for a man that feels that way about them.

The last book in this trilogy, Savor The Danger will be released in July. I am looking forward to reading about Trace’s younger sister, Alani.

I give Trace Of Fever a rating of 4 Horseshoes!!

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Human Trafficking is a very real and growing problem in the United States. According to the Demi and Ashton Foundation more than 100,000 children are enslaved and sold for sex just in the United States. The average age of those children is 13 years old. Human Trafficking is not limited to sexual slavery. Men have been kidnapped and sold in to labor slavery. For more information please look at the Demi and Ashton Foundation website and The Polaris Project website.

Publication Details:

Author Lori Foster
Title Trace Of Fever
Number of pages 393
Publication Date June 2011
Publisher Harlequin
ISBN 978-0-373-77575-0