A. ‘Jeeper’ Wade is an avid “Foodie” and writer of erotic romance.  He was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania where he still resides today.  Married to a wonderful woman and the father of two great kids, life is never short of excitement. His debut novella Refired is available on Kindle and Nook. Jeeper can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Today he will be talking about how what is it like to be a male author in a female dominated genre.


I love the fact that people are shocked that I write erotic romance. Most men are viewed as not liking foreplay. For many it is “get to the point, get it up, get it in and get it on”. I for one love foreplay. I love to tease. I love to build the tension before allowing a release. That is how I write; I view a scene in my head before putting it on paper. I ask myself, what would I do in that situation? How would I react? I think many female authors do the exact same thing. So in that respect, we are the same.

My writing comes from a different point of view however. I can write from firsthand knowledge of what it feels like to enter a woman from the male perspective. I can explain what it is like to watch her face react to him, the way her body responds to his touch. That feeling of power a man has as he controls her pleasure. I can write from the male perspective in what it feels like when she reaches orgasm and what it feels like as a man to reach orgasm (note: just because a man ejaculates, that doesn’t mean he had an orgasm). That is how my writing differs.

I can write a soft sensual love scene or a hardcore, get down and dirty scene just like any female author. I just bring my writing from a different perspective. I think it will give the reader a different angle to view my stories from. A look into what happens in the man’s mind during sex.

Another question I get asked a lot is how my family reacts to my being an erotica author. Writing this book has been received relatively well by my family. My wife is super supportive (she loves the research involved in writing). My mom laughed adding she could tell me a story or two to write about (Yuck, I know). My dad called me a chip off the old block. The rest of my family was pretty shocked that I wrote anything. My writing in the past, as well as now, was something I never shared with anyone in my family. I’m sure that by now, they have read bits and pieces of my book, so that should make family reunions a blast. Somebody pass the Jack Daniels, please!


Thank you Jeeper! I hope your next family reunion doesn’t require too much Jack Daniels to survive.

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Question: Do you prefer male or female erotic authors? And just for fun, why?

About Refired:

Sylas Hanson, an accomplished executive chef, was growing tired of his life. He was frustrated with his stagnant career, as well as his reputation for being a ladies man. After yet another rough dinner shift and a meaningless one night stand, Sylas decided he needed a change.

Taking charge like always, Sylas made a few phone calls. Within weeks he will start a new job, in a new city. He was confident that his career would explode. He wasn’t so sure about his love life, until he walked into La Joie and saw Veronica for the first time. She was everything he wanted and more or was she?

Would she look past his attitude long enough to see the real Sylas? Would she approve of his relationship ideals? If Veronica agreed, Sylas knew he would care for her and cherish her like no other man before.

Publisher: LazyDay Publishing (May 2011)
ISBN: 978-1-61258-026-5