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Sylas Hanson, an accomplished executive chef, was growing tired of his life. He was frustrated with his stagnant career, as well as his reputation for being a ladies man. After yet another rough dinner shift and a meaningless one night stand, Sylas decided he needed a change.

Taking charge like always, Sylas made a few phone calls. Within weeks he will start a new job, in a new city. He was confident that his career would explode. He wasn’t so sure about his love life, until he walked into La Joie and saw Veronica for the first time. She was everything he wanted and more or was she?

Would she look past his attitude long enough to see the real Sylas? Would she approve of his relationship ideals? If Veronica agreed, Sylas knew he would care for her and cherish her like no other man before.

My Review:

Overall I enjoyed this story, and have re-read it twice in the past week. There were some issues that had nothing to do with the story, and if those issues had be taken care of properly, this novella would have been amazing. Those issues will be addressed after the rating.

Jeeper did a nice job of bringing the reader in to the world of a professional chef. He shows how much work, discipline, and respect is required to run an efficient kitchen. And Sylas is one to respect, in and out of the kitchen. Veronica learns very quickly that if she screws up, Sylas will correct her with what he deems as proper punishment.

Sylas is old fashioned in his views of the roles of men and women in relationships. Parts of his views are very tempting for a girl like me, but there are other parts that I would have issues with. Making a reader contemplate such things is very important for an author to do. It draws the reader deeper in to the story.

Veronica is a character that many women can relate too. One who has been forced in to a leadership role, but is unable to leave that persona behind to be a woman because the tough personality is what is always expected. Luckily, Sylas is more than willing to take much of the leadership responsibility and allow her to be the type of woman she wants to be.

I had one minor issue with the story. I felt the declarations of love happened way to early in the story. I realize that with a novella, there is only so many words to progress a love story. But declarations of love after the first date is really sudden. Most people, especially women, don’t move that fast.

I’m looking forward to Jeeper’s next novella and truly hope he will be writing a full length novel soon.

I give Refired a 4 Horseshoe rating.

Refired is available on Kindle and Nook.

On May 26th, Jeeper will be doing a guest post about what it is like being a male erotica author!

I did have one major problem with this novella, that had nothing to do with the story. I was very disappointed in LazyDay’s editing of this story. There was some wrong punctuation, wrong words, duplicate information, and point of view hopping, all things a good editor would find. Being a debut author and new to writing, I do not expect the author to catch all of those things. I have noticed over the past couple of months that LazyDay has been slacking on their editing. That not only hurts their authors, but it will hurt their reputation as a publisher.

Publication Details:

Author A ‘Jeeper’ Wade
Title Refired
Format eBook
Length Novella
Publication Date April 26, 2011
Publisher LazyDay Publishing
ISBN 978-1-61258-026-5