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For the lovely Lady Audris, taking a husband would mean losing her home. She is content to concentrate on her special gift, weaving gorgeous tapestries that often contain hints of the future. But nothing predicts the arrival of Hugh Licorne, confident in his strength and single-minded in his determination – to have her.


From the moment Hugh sets eyes on Lady Audris, he knows he has found the woman destined to be his wife. She’s courageous and beautiful, delicate yet strong. But winning her trust and defending her from her enemies will be the greatest battle he has ever faced.

My Review:

Just like Demoiselle Audris does with her gift, Roberta Gellis has weaved a beautiful historically accurate tale with a sweet love story intertwined within it. The story takes place during a time of English and Scottish history that is full of contradictory documentations of events that took place. This story takes place between 1136 and 1138 along Hadrian’s Wall.

The back of the book description is a little misleading. Hugh did not develop his determination to have Audris until after he was knighted and discovered that Audris shared his affection. Until then Hugh was very well aware that she was above his station and he was not worthy of her. It is obvious from their first meeting that there was an attraction, but both knew that it wasn’t appropriate. I am glad that Ms Gellis maintained that societal constraint of the time.

Not only is the book a beautiful love story, it is a beautifully written story. The author has done an amazing job placing the reader in to the locations of the tale. At one point Audris and Hugh are traveling past a burned village, I swear I could smell the charred wood and flesh that they were exposed to. When Hugh is at the Battle of the Standard, I could feel and understand his disgust at fighting men who were ill-armed or even unarmed. Even the quiet, tranquil parts of the story were beautifully written.

If you are a lover of historical novels or of novels that are well written, I would highly recommend this one. You will not be disappointed.

A Tapestry Of Dreams is a reissue that was originally published in 1985 by Jove Publishing.

I give A Tapestry Of Dreams a 4 Horseshoe rating!!!

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Publication Details:

Author Roberta Gellis
Title A Tapestry Of Dreams
Number of Pages 485
Publication Date May 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-5498-7