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Faelan is from an ancient clan of Scottish Highland warriors, charged with shielding humanity from demonic forces. He has been sleeping for centuries when Bree Kirkland inadvertently wakes him, and he’s hungry in more ways than one…


Modern Bree shocks Faelan in every way imaginable – her dress, her speech, her spunkiness. And he infuriates Bree every time he tries to protect her – can’t he see she can take care of herself?

With horrific demon enemies suddenly on the move, Bree discovers that Faelan’s duty as protector is in his blood, and she’s the only one who can feed him, body and soul…

My Review:

The only thing that would give my love of cowboys a run for it’s money, is my love of Highlanders. And this book was FULL of them! Yummy, delicious Highlanders. But this isn’t a typical romance novel with Highlanders. As you can see from the book description, this a Paranormal Highlander Romance!

This is the debut novel in Anita’s new paranormal series, and it is a fun read. The plot twists and turns and you don’t know how Anita is going to wrap it all up. If it wasn’t a romance novel, you would be convinced that Faelan and Bree don’t have a Happily Ever After. She has written a book that is of the same caliber as Karen Marie Moning’s Highlander series.

I was surprised at how quickly Faelan adapted to being in the future. I would have expected him to struggle against it a bit more. And lord, did he apologize TOO much. I understand that he felt he needed to, but I was ready to slap him if he apologized one more time.

Anita did an amazing job in the development and telling the mythos behind the Warriors and what their duties required. I also liked how she showed that mythos evolve to include women. Sometimes showing the evolution of a mythos is hard to do.

Overall, I enjoyed the story of a warrior clan created to protect the world. I liked how the clan worked together and no warrior is expected to face the demons by themselves. That is what a clan does, and I’m glad that Anita recognized that.

I am excited to read the next book in the series Embrace The Highland Warrior which is scheduled to be released in November 2011.

I give Awaken The Highland Warrior a 4 Horseshoe rating!!!

Awaken The Highland Warror is available from Amazon in Print and Kindle editions and from Barnes and Noble in Print and Nook Editions.

Publication Details:

Author Anita Clenney
Title Awaken The Highland Warrior
Number of Pages 430
Publication Date May 2011
Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
ISBN 978-1-4022-5123-8