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Elle hasn’t been afraid of the things that go bump in the night since she became a werewolf. She’d happily give up her inner monster to get her family back though. Hell, she’d give up the beast for nothing. Of course her foster sister doesn’t get it. After all, she doesn’t battle with her own darker half, but vampire blood can do that to a person.

Their nightly patrols have become more habit than necessity—until a demon spawn comes to town, ripping souls from strangers, enemies, and friends alike. When it threatens her foster mom, Elle’s peaceful life is shattered, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. Fighting the beast for control at the same time is more than she can handle though. Armed with more attitude than experience, Elle and her sister have to track down the demon spawn before it collects enough souls to fulfill its birthright and open a doorway to hell.

For the first time in years, Elle is scared. She’s willing to lose herself in the beast if that’s what it takes, but saving the world could cost her soul.

My Review:

I don’t read many Young Adult novels because I’m not that interested in reading about high school age (or younger) kids. But Julie Particka has made me consider reading more Young Adult books. Pretty Souls is Julie’s debut Young Adult novel and the first book in her Paranormal Response Team series.

I quickly fell in love with Elle and Cass. Julie did a wonderful job of incorporating a wolf’s inner strength and need to protect it’s pack in to an insecure young woman. Elle doesn’t realize how much her view of the world is influenced by her wolf nature. Instead of embracing that nature, Elle fights against it. She later learns that in order to protect her family, she has to embrace her wolf nature.

I enjoyed how Julie wrote this from Elle’s point of view. It made her struggles with being a werewolf more personal. Julie did a wonderful job of bringing to life Elle’s worries and jealousy when it came to her first love.

Elle, Cass, and later Jax remind me of a modern day Hardy Boys, with a paranormal twist. They aren’t solving ordinary crimes. They are solving mysteries involving other super-natural beings, as well as discovering their own abilities and limits.

This book is a fast paced, fun read. I can’t wait until Julie releases the next book in the series, which at this time does not have a release date.

I give Pretty Souls a 4 Horseshoe rating!!!

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Julie Particka

Pretty Souls
Format e-book
Publication Date March 2011
Publisher Decadent Publishing
ISBN 978-1-936-39477-7