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Los Angeles Times reporter, Maggie Wright, is assigned to do a story on the dying dude ranch industry in the south. When the newspaper offers to foot the bill for Maggie and her two friends, Payton Evans and Sophia Foster, to stay at the legendary Weston Ranch in Valentine, Texas, they jump at the opportunity. While it’s not the Caribbean cruise they wanted, how bad could it be?

Expecting a tired farm with dusty old cowpokes, the three big city friends are taken by surprise when they’re each assigned to a dashing cowboy or two for some good, old fashioned ranch training and a whole lot of rough riding. Their limits are tested in ways they never imagined, both in the bedroom and out on the range. After two weeks, will the women run back to the bright lights of Los Angeles without so much as a backward glance? Or will these skilled cowboys have them longing to stay for just a little bit more of their Texas-style heat?

My Review:

Sometimes it is hard to do a review of an anthology. Each story is written by a different author, and each author has their own style of story telling. I’m going to discuss each individual story, give a rating for each story and then give a rating for the anthology that is an average of the story ratings.

Deep In The Heat Of Texas is a continuity anthology. Each author was given the premise of the story to be told. Each author wrote a story about one of the three friends who went to the dude ranch.

The book starts with a Prologue to tell the readers a little about the women and why they are going to Texas. The writing of the Prologue was a little sad. I have read a few books by one of the authors and expected good writing. The Prologue was poorly written. It seemed to be the writing of a high school student, not a published author.

Tempted In Texas is the first story and was written by Alta Hensley. I have had several people tell me how wonderful her writing was, but I was very disappointed in this story. It was essentially sex with badly written filler. The sex was well written and hot, but there was no substance to the story of Sophia. I am still very confused on how her brother committing suicide turned her in to a “can’t trust anyone” person. The difference between Erotica and Porn is the quality of the story. I read Erotica for the story. This had no story worth reading. If I wasn’t reading this book because of a specific author, I would have quit reading after this story. I would have assumed that the other stories were just as bad.

I give Tempted In Texas a 2 Horseshoe rating.


Tamed In Texas was written Amy le Blanc. I loved this story! Amy had me hooked with in the first few pages. I love what she did with Maggie. I also loved Chase and Dylan. I really want to take them home. This story is what Erotica should be. A captivating story with loveable characters. Chase’s mom was a wonderful addition to the story. I have re-read this story a couple of times since finishing the book. Amy has a real gift for writing short stories. I would love to read a full length novel by her.

I give Tamed In Texas a 5 Horseshoe rating!!


Taken In Texas is the last story in the anthology and was written by Melissa Ecker. Paige is an amazing woman. She is a strong, gun toting man eater. Paige really needed a man who wasn’t afraid of her facade and wanted to get close to her. Drake was just that man. Melissa did a wonderful job bringing these characters together. They are so wonderfully compatible. Melissa’s writing continues to improve as she has more books published. I can’t wait until her full length novel is released.

I give Taken In Texas a 5 Horseshoe rating!!


Other than the first story of the anthology, I enjoyed this anthology. However, I was surprised at how little the characters actually asked about their friends. For a continuity anthology, I would have expected a lot more interaction between the best friends. I do not entirely understand why the characters were sequestered from each other. It would have been a better anthology if they were not friends, just three career girls on a trip to a dude ranch.

I give Deep In The Heat Of Texas an overall rating of 4 Horseshoes!!

Publication Details:

Author Alta Hensley, Amy le Blanc and Melissa Ecker
Title Deep In The Heat Of Texas
Format eBook
Publication Date February 14, 2011
Publisher LazyDay Publishing
ISBN 978-1-6125-8027-2