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What do you do for fun if you live in a small rural town, dauntingly far from the nearest city’s plentiful amusements? Upon what resources do you draw to spice up your existence? Letters From Wheatfield provides the answer – and it isn’t always pretty.

The fictitious town of Wheatfield is a tiny island in a vast sea of wheat fields and cattle ranges. Its nearest neighboring towns, similarly small, are well over the horizon. But its isolation has no effect on its inhabitants. Theirs is a society of mirthful, blithe, spritely wags – a condition abetted by the presence of not a few eccentric individuals.

In Letters From Wheatfield, two transplants from Manhattan write to a cousin back home about the remarkable community that has assimilated and transmuted them – much to their amazement and great pleasure.

My Review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Having grown up in a small town in Colorado, I was laughing at the couple’s, Fred and Sarah Moore, attempt to adjust to life in rural Montana. They quickly learned that the whole town had ears and knew everything. They also learned that things get blown out of proportion very quickly. As fast as it takes for a person to move from the back of the grocery store to the front. I often found my self saying out loud, “Oh, no” or “you don’t want to do that”.

When I got the request for this book, I was excited. I always wondered what someone from a big city (and you can’t get much bigger than New York City) would see and experience in a small western town. How they would adjust from living in an area where no one cares about anyone else’s business to everyone being in each other’s business!

Patrick Shannon did a wonderful job portraying small town life in rural Montana. I can easily picture this town being not far from Great Falls, my mom’s hometown. Many of the characters of the town reminded me of some of my mom’s cousins who live in a small town north of Great Falls. I can’t wait to pass my copy on to my mom to see what she thinks about it.

I give Letters From Wheatfield a 4 Horseshoe rating!!

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Patrick Shannon

Letters from Wheatfield
Number of Pages 230
Publication Date May 12, 2010
Publisher Outskirts Press, Inc
ISBN 978-1-4327-5705-2