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After eight years, Olivia Andrews returns to Memory Grove for her best friend’s wedding. She has no intention of becoming involved with sexy fireman, Cade Reilly, but once she finds herself in his bed, there is no turning back.

Their casual affair is suddenly complicated when an unexpected visitor shows up on Cade’s doorstep and the demons that Olivia left behind come calling. Will their new found love overcome the obstacles created by their yesterdays or will those revelations drive a wedge between them forever?

My Review:

Feed The Fire is the third and final novella in Melissa Ecker’s Seduction In Memory Grove. Much like his brother, Luke, Cade has stolen my heart. But for entirely different reasons. He is such a caring man. He wants to fix things and make life better for Olivia. And to make him even more desirable, when a little surprise is dumped on his doorstep, he doesn’t freak out or turn away from the responsibility. He embraces it and the changes the surprise brings to his life. I was kinda lukewarm about my feelings for Olivia at first but as she grew stronger as a person, I started liking her. I loved how this couple, even though it just started as a casual affair, quickly accepted each other and each other’s pasts.

I have one major problem with this novella. Olivia returns to Memory Grove two days after deciding to run from a 3 year long abusive relationship. When she first sees Cade, she tells herself to quit looking at him because her abusive ex would find out and she would be in trouble. However, that same night she crawls in to Cade’s bed! A woman who has been in an abusive relationship and is constantly watching her back to make sure she doesn’t get in to trouble will not jump in to a new man’s bed so quickly.

Once again I wish this story had been longer. I think my difficulty with the story would have been better resolved in a longer format. Even though I have a pretty major problem with one aspect of the story, I have reread this novella multiple times and enjoy it every time. Because my overall enjoyment of the story has not been diminished by the above mentioned problem, I am confident in the rating that I have given this novella.

I give Feed The Fire a 4 Horseshoe rating!

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Melissa Ecker

Feed The Fire
Format eBook
Publication Date December 1, 2010
Publisher Lazy Day Publishing
ISBN 978-1-6125-8002-9