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Four brothers who go through an unfortunate “accident” reemerge 20 years later with no memory of their past or family. While they try to discover who they are, and cater to their girlfriends, they realize they have amazing but cursed powers of darkness inside their souls, and that they must protect New York City from the demons of Hell. To make matters worse, they must withstand the relentless onslaught of their curse. Full of action, comedy, horror, romance, and mystery, Phantom Four will keep you on the edge of excitement from start to finish.

(WARNING: Not intended for children.)

My Review:

After three attempts, I was unable to get past Chapter 4. Because this was a Did Not Finish for me, I am not going to rate it. However, I will tell you about the things that fascinated me about the story and characters and why I had problems with the book.

When I was first presented with the option to review this book, I was immediately interested in reading it. I was excited about the concept and how the author was going to weave the story. After I got the book, I read the last page of the book which is the history about the characters. The characters started out as plush toys that the Wilson brothers had made up superhero adventures for. Over the years the characters evolved and matured just the like the boys did. I have always enjoyed stories like that where a character or a group of characters have been with the author for a long time. I found it fascinating that each of the main characters each personified a specific Roll Playing Character Attribute; charisma, agility, strength/endurance, intelligence.

The story is written in the style of a screen play, like a person might see for a video game. It also kind of reminded me of the old style Roll Playing Books. Even though the concept of the story was interesting to me, the format chosen by the author made it difficult for me to read. This style would be a wonderful foundation for the creation of a Graphic Novel.

From what I saw on Amazon, there are plenty of people who have enjoyed this book immensely. If you, my reader, do decide to read this book, please come back and leave a comment on what you thought.

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Roger Wilson

Phantom 4: Children Of The Grave
Number of Pages 196
Publication Date September 13, 2010
Publisher Outskirts Press, Inc
ISBN 978-1-4327-6122-6