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Dr. Natalie Shea doesn’t want to be attracted to the rugged but affable cowboy who ends up under her care after a rodeo injury. But when a second fateful accident has their paths crossing again, there is no denying the synergy, both in and out of the bedroom.

Luke Reilly is everything she never expected. He’s captured her body, but her heart won’t be won that easily. Can Luke break down the walls built by a childhood tragedy and set Natalie free to love him forever? Or will she walk away from him and Memory Grove without looking back?

My Review:

Mount Up is the second novella in Melissa Ecker’s Seduction In Memory Grove. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I fell in love with Luke in Pull The Trigger. Natalie is an amazing woman. These two characters fit well together. Natalie’s need to be safe and not take risks does stem from her childhood tragedy but I don’t think it threatens their relationship. I did find Luke’s level of dominance the first time they had sex to be a little extreme, especially with a brand new partner. However, I wouldn’t mind having that dominance directed at me occasionally.

I love a big man! Over six foot tall, packed with muscle, and weighing in at 250 pounds is just drool worthy to me. But it is very rare that a man that large is a bull rider. The largest man currently in the top 45 on the Professional Bull Riders circuit is 6’2″ and weighs only 180 but he is an exception. Most Bull Riders are between 5’8″ and 5’10” and don’t weigh more than 180 pounds. Being any larger is actually a disadvantage. That is why you see the drool worthy ones in roping!

But with all of that said, I want Luke’s body pressed against mine!

I really wish this had been a full blown novel and not just a novella. It is such a great story and was crammed in to a small format. I’m looking forward to reading about Luke’s brother in the last of the Seduction In Memory Grove Series.

I give Mount Up a 4 Horseshoe rating!

Publication Details:


Melissa Ecker

Mount Up
Format eBook
Publication Date December 1, 2010
Publisher Lazy Day Publishing
ISBN 978-1-6125-8003-6